Asking yourself how can you improve your study skills? Ready to take your “game” to the next level? Never saw yourself as an “A” student? By getting rid of the bad habits that are killing your GPA and enjoyment of learning, and applying the study strategies and tips that I’m about to reveal to you, expect to have a whole new school experience.

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    1. Identify and become aware of your counterproductive “study” habits. Do you spend more time on Facebook or searching for music than actually studying? Do you find yourself daydreaming while you’re reading for class? Do you spend too much time searching for your assignments because you’re not very organized? It’s important to become aware of your habits that are hurting your ability to effectively study and retain. After awareness, you can begin to change if you consciously make the decision to.


    1. One of the most important tips on how can you improve your study skills? Find YOUR place to study. For me it is an isolated cubby in my library. Starbucks and other public places are alright too, but the constant traffic in and out is pretty distracting. So, find what works for you. Some guidelines are: minimal distraction in all senses, someplace you are comfortable (but not TOO comfortable), and somewhere with a positive atmosphere towards learning (like the library).


    1. If you’re classes are like mine, then they’re probably pretty reading-intensive. I know how boring and “chorish” reading can be, but something I’ve done to make it more effective and interesting is this: after you’ve read a passage or section, ask yourself “What were the main ideas?”, “What purpose did the author have in writing this/why did they write this?”, and “Do I even remember what I just read?” I know this may seem simple and you’ve probably heard this before, but just try it. Ultimately, it will result in A’s on reading quizzes, less cramming before exams, and a higher grade in the course.


  1. How can you improve your study skills almost instantly? Get out your planner (or go buy one if you don’t own one already), and write down what times you’re going to study for your classes the following day and the rest of the week. By explicitly setting off a block of time each day to study for your class, it can help take the pain of studying out of your mind and putting it in a visual context which will make it seem more manageable.

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